Limor Sharvit – Angel (Lyrics)

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Limor Sharvit – Angel

Limor Sharvit - Angel - Lyrics

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Lyrics/ מילים

My mind can try to suppress
What’s within my soul
Yet between myself & I
I feel so..

My thoughts can try to make noise
And take control
Yet behind the self lies
Lies so much more

Chorus :
You are an angel in disguise (uise, uise, uise, uise)
You’ve offered me truth, you’ve given me light
My dreams are no longer out of sight (sight, sight, sight, sight)
It’s now in my reach, my ticket to life (to life, to life, to life)

My fears can try to cry out :
“Don’t give your all!”
Yet near your presence
I fear no more

My words can try to pretend
And build a wall
Yet between the fears & tears
I love you so

Chorus : …


A ticket to life, a ticket to life, a ticket to life
A ticket to, a ticket to…
A ticket to life

You’ve shown me the way
A new way to see
That being is believing,
Being is believing in me

You are a blessing in my life
Now I see the truth
I feel the light
You are an angel
My sweet angel

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