Limor Sharvit – Biography & musical journey



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A musical journey: biography, influences & future plans


A musician at heart, a composer, a producer and a singer-songwriter, Limor Sharvit started her musical Journey at the age of 8 with her first organ lessons. Born and raised in Israel, Limor was always surrounded by the love of music & grew up with the uninhabited space to become creative and develop her own artistry.


Limor began writing & composing her first songs at the age of 12 in Hebrew and in English as well and honed her musical skills with each and every song she wrote.


Limor Sharvit's biography & musical journey

After the completion of her mandatory military service, Limor’s musical journey continued to develop, when she started to get familiar with music softwares and began to record her songs by herself. As a self taught musician, she also started to play the guitar and the side-blown flute.


A few years later, after a long soul searching and a deep understanding of what truly made her happy in life, Limor decided to attend BPM college (a college of sound & music production studies). After 2 years of intense learning, Limor graduated with honors, majoring in sound, music production, composition, virtual orchestration & advanced harmony.


After graduation, one of Limor’s life-long dreams finally came true when she decided to take action and set up her own home studio from scratch, a place where she has recorded all of her songs and collaborations since.


Limor’s music combines varied musical genres: Pop, Soul, R&B & Chillout music, while covering a wide expanse of emotional territory such as love, heartbreak, spirituality and introspection. Limor incorporates piano into a majority of her songs and uses her real life experiences in them. That enables her to elevate her songwriting to a level where the listener can find a true connection with her through her words, melodies and emotive singing.


“My musical dream comes true, every time I touch people’s hearts with my music” – Limor Sharvit


Born in the early 80’s, Limor draws her musical inspiration from artists such as Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Sade, Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston, George Michael, Richard Marx and Incognito and combines this unique fusion of influences in her music with her own personal touch and outlook on life.


Limor enjoys expanding her musical horizons by collaborating with other musicians who share a similar musical vision while continuing to pursue her musical dream to touch people’s hearts and lives with her music.


Limor’s musical journey continues as she’s currently working on material for her first self-produced debut album, and planning to start performing with her music in the near future.


Limor is also an accomplished painter and finds the art of painting and drawing another mode of expressing her creativity and inner voice.