The art of flowers & butterflies

The art of flowers & butterflies

The art of flowers & butterflies

In an era of abundance & especially the abundance of options & choices,

It seems like everything is replaceable.

And within an ocean of options, and within an endless selection

Of substitutes, some things still remain irreplaceable…

Originality is one of these things.

Originality, not just as the state of being different or unique

But also as being taken from the word: origin,

Which is for me the return to one’s true self,

The place where it all began, 

The place where everything stems from,

…Where everything is set in motion.

So after my latest pursuit of precision & punctiliousness, 

I’ve decided to take a short break from drawing portraits of celebrities

And get back to my artistic self,

With the help of some images, flowers & butterflies:

The butterfly girl painting

Butterfly girl painting - ציור אשת הפרפר

The flower girl painting

Flower girl painting - ציור אשת הפרחים

Both of these paintings, I painted using a technique that never ceases

To amaze me with its endless possibilities:

Using chalks & pastel pencils on a black sheet of paper – An absolute joy!

On my next post, be prepared for an extremely musical one:

It’s going to include my next single “SHINE”,

Which I’m recording these days.

Until then, don’t forget and always:


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